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Elliott Elite - 23rd of April

Rob Roy 23 Apr, 2018
As expected, the gap in the S&P 500 chart is filled; so where does the U.S market go from here? Rob reviews technicals on SPX, the VIX and the U.S Dollar.
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Elliott Elite Update - 16th of April

Rob Roy 16 Apr, 2018

US Markets poised for a bounce?

Technicals would suggest at least a short term bounce within a larger consolidation pattern in the US Markets

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Confidence Boost

Lachlan McPherson 16 Nov, 2012
This week saw a slew of ‘better’ news hit the markets, from Gold prices to renewed optimism out of Asia and Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, pointing to further upside in the US housing market.
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Invest by the Book

John Jeffery 5 Jul, 2010
Brokers and equity analysts will use a wide variety of financial tools to determine the true worth of a share.
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Dow Jones Analysis

John Jeffery 19 Mar, 2010

There are many different methods available to traders and investors when it comes to predicting future price movements. Anyone who is trading equities or their associated derivatives will know that an integrated approach (combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis) is by far the most accurate and therefore the most desirable. Of course, there are instruments which can be traded which do not lend themselves to these techniques; things like currencies, futures and indices. When faced with these challenges, how should the trader adapt?

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The Magic of Butterflies - Part 13

Matt Baker 22 Feb, 2010
Welcome to Part 13 of my series of articles on the Butterfly. In last week’s article we began to look at some ways of searching for and constructing a standard Put Butterfly on the SPY (exchange traded fund of the S&P 500).
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How to Pick Better Trades

John Jeffery 22 Feb, 2010
Integrated Investor is a powerful analytical tool with many great features which can benefit all trading and investing clients, regardless of the main focuses of their training.
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The Magic of Butterflies - Part 12

Matt Baker 15 Feb, 2010
Welcome to Part 12 of my series of articles on the Butterfly. In this week's article, we will begin looking at different ways to search for and construct a Butterfly.
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A likely scenario?

Tom Scollon 5 Feb, 2010

As I search to fathom out the melee of the last couple of weeks I try and contemplate likely scenarios. I say likely as to talk of just possible scenarios is really just sitting on the fence and I am not good at that. Nor can I say I am good at picking short term moves. I say ‘moves’ as I am inclined to think a short term ‘trend’ is almost a contradiction of terms. I do not aspire to pick the short term moves but only to understand them as a foundation to at least the medium term move ahead.

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The Magic of Butterflies - Part 11

Matt Baker 22 Jan, 2010

Welcome to Part 11 of my series of articles on the Butterfly. In this week's article, we will continue looking at the Risk Graph page. We will work with the same Butterfly we have been working with throughout the series, the Apple Computers (AAPL) Oct 09 155|175|195 Call Butterfly. At the time we constructed the trade, AAPL's price was about $173.

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