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Euro Gets Set for a Second Section

Mathew Barnes 15 Nov, 2012
In the July, 2012 edition of the Safety in the Market monthly newsletter, I nominated July as a good area to watch for the yearly low on the Euro.
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Fourth Time Lucky?

Mathew Barnes 9 Nov, 2012
In his Commodities Course, W.D. Gann wrote about Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms, calling them strong levels of support and resistance.
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Making Decisions in the Market

Mathew Barnes 14 Sep, 2009
A doctor would be excused for declaring the Euro futures contract (EC-Spotv in ProfitSource) legally dead over the past two weeks.
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Bring Back the Uptick Rule

Jordan Craw 29 May, 2009

What was the SEC thinking leading up to July 6th 2007? That is the day when the uptick rule - a rule in place since 1934 to help keep markets orderly - was removed. Famous Investor Lazlo Birinyi has been among those calling for its reinstatement for some time and is now joined by several members of US congress. It’s about time!

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Looking for Value Offshore

Tom Scollon 3 Nov, 2003
The Nikkei 225, the Japanese stock market key index, has risen almost 40% since its low of 2003 compared with the Australian market which has risen over 20% - a somewhat more cautious increase. The Nikkei started its run up over a month later - in April when it sat at its all time low of 7670 – compared to a high of almost 40,000 in the late 80’s!
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