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Elliott Elite - 23rd of April

Rob Roy 23 Apr, 2018
As expected, the gap in the S&P 500 chart is filled; so where does the U.S market go from here? Rob reviews technicals on SPX, the VIX and the U.S Dollar.
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Elliott Elite Update - 16th of April

Rob Roy 16 Apr, 2018

US Markets poised for a bounce?

Technicals would suggest at least a short term bounce within a larger consolidation pattern in the US Markets

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The Curiosity of The Credit Spread - Part 3

Matt Baker 24 May, 2010
Welcome to the third part of my series of articles on the Credit spread. So far in this series of articles it may seem all like doom and gloom, as far as dispelling some of the myths of Credit spreads, but in this week’s article I am going to show the reasons I like them.
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When will the Pull Back come?

John Jeffery 14 Sep, 2009
For the last 4 weeks, media pundits and market commentators have (rather tiredly in my opinion) prattled on about shares “getting ahead of the fundamentals” and how the market should “pull back”.
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What is Your Bias?

Jordan Craw 10 Aug, 2009
A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels.
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Is it Really Golden?

Jordan Craw 6 Jul, 2009
Moving averages (MAs) are often the first technical indicator learnt when studying technical analysis, and why not they are straight forward and help gauge where a market is in relation to its history.
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Pivot With It

Jordan Craw 30 Nov, 2007
Pivot points are an Indictor often used by floor traders or day traders as a quick and easy way to calculate resistance and support levels.
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Where To The Markets?

Tom Scollon 15 Sep, 2003
Markets go three ways – up – down – sideways. No need to state the obvious that recently the move has been up. The choices from here are still the same – up, down or sideways. What is more likely?
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