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Possible Scenarios for Oz Market

Tom Scollon 23 Mar, 2020
The tenet that all this could be over quickly is hard to take on. There are so many factors in play, and this is uncharted waters. So, it is one step at a time..
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Know Your Bias

Jordan Craw 7 May, 2010

A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels. It is commonly accepted that using a combination of property, stocks and cash is a sound diversification strategy on a macro level.

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Trading Tests

Jordan Craw 9 Apr, 2010

Trading a break of a trend line is one of the oldest technical trading methods around. Like all trading signals, it has its share of false breaks. However, there are a few simple methods to help weed out these false signals.

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Contrary to Popular Opinion

Jordan Craw 28 Aug, 2009
Looking back through articles from earlier this year How Sold Are We and A Standard Rally, it is clear I was initially skeptical of the March low and subsequent rally.
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What is Your Bias?

Jordan Craw 10 Aug, 2009
A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels.
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Déjà vu or Apophenia?

Andrew Page 6 Jul, 2009
Last week I compared the current market downturn with that of the 1929 market crash.
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The Right Time

Andrew Page 26 Jun, 2009

There is near unanimous consensus amongst all in the investment community that stocks are currently very cheap. Having said that, there is little agreement on whether or not now is the time to get back into the market; sure, stocks are cheap, but will they get cheaper still? And that’s the 64 million dollar question: when is the right time to position ourselves for a recovery?

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Was It You

Tom Scollon 19 Jun, 2009

Back in March when the markets took off there were many reasons to believe markets globally could have fallen much further. So few investors got on board as risks were still high. Many traders – short term players – may have taken some positions but few would have been fully invested. Well done if you picked the low.

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Insuring Your Portfolio

Andrew Page 29 May, 2009

If the possibility of a market downturn has you worried, you might want to consider purchasing some insurance for your portfolio. Here I am referring to a process called ‘hedging’, which ensures that your downside risk is limited by purchasing a financial instrument that will offset any loss incurred in your portfolio.

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Trading with Safety Using Options

Ken Paddison 23 Jan, 2009
A question I’m constantly asked is, “how do you trade this type of market?” Well, if you must trade in this market then do it safely and yes that is possible.
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