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Getting on Board Again

Tom Scollon 2 Nov, 2012
Getting back into the market is an undertaking I never take for granted, no matter how successful I might have been in the past.
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More of the Seven Deadly Sins

Tom Scollon 6 Jul, 2009
I call them the deadly sins because in your investing or trading they can kill your capital AND your psychological capital – which is just as deadly.
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Investors Behaving Badly

Andrew Page 8 May, 2009
There is a long list of academic theories and models that  attempt to explain and understand the economy and markets.  While none are perfectly infallible, many  nevertheless have their merits and provide important practical lessons.
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Your Strengths

Sinan Koray 25 Jul, 2008
Let’s say you have a teenage son. He is generally good at sporting activities and particularly good at tennis.
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How I missed the biggest bull week in a decade

Tom Scollon 24 Aug, 2007
Not sure if it’s been quite a decade but it does not matter. I sold down and tried my hardest to be a bear and I had a miserable week. It confirmed all I have always believed.
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