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Is the Resource Boom over?

Andrew Page 22 Aug, 2008
The rapid growth from developing nations like China and India have helped to significantly boost the demand for resources like iron and copper, and as such we’ve seen solid increases in volumes and prices in metals over the past 5 years.
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Kitchen Economics

Tom Scollon 22 Aug, 2008
I remember writing in TTN a couple of years ago about how life was going to get a whole lot more expensive and sure enough economic theory did not fail me.
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You Always Have Options

Ken Paddison 15 Aug, 2008
For those readers who have not contemplated options I am going to write a short series of articles in the coming weeks - in small ‘bites’ at a time.
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Here's mud in your eye

Tom Scollon 15 Aug, 2008
As I watch the DOW going up and down like a yoyo I ask myself again who is buying and sorry - what they are smoking.
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Week in Review

Andrew Page 8 Aug, 2008
US markets have seen yet another week of indecision and volatility as traders tried to weigh up falling oil prices and steady interest rates against further weakness in the financial sector and wider economy.
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Banks were Safe as Houses

Tom Scollon 8 Aug, 2008
As you know I am quite happy to take questions and weave the answers into the editorial where appropriate.
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Surprise Surprise

Tom Scollon 1 Aug, 2008
Well well wouldn’t you know it? The banks have finally declared an increase in provisions for write offs.
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Debt is not a four letter word

Andrew Page 18 Jul, 2008
The current turmoil on world financial markets can largely be attributed to one thing, and that is debt, or more specifically, too much of it.
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