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Following the Mob

Tom Scollon 20 Jul, 2009
If you follow the bulk of investors then you will find yourself too late into a rally and too late out.
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Forecast Fallibility

Andrew Page 13 Jul, 2009
How much would you pay for a glass of water? Alternatively, what is a glass of water really worth? The answer of course is that it all depends.
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About Losses

Tom Scollon 13 Jul, 2009
Losses are a part of the game. Well I use the term ‘game’ loosely but it can be that way just like life. But as with life we like to be in control to what extent can be reasonably expected.
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The Right Time

Andrew Page 26 Jun, 2009

There is near unanimous consensus amongst all in the investment community that stocks are currently very cheap. Having said that, there is little agreement on whether or not now is the time to get back into the market; sure, stocks are cheap, but will they get cheaper still? And that’s the 64 million dollar question: when is the right time to position ourselves for a recovery?

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Risk = Return

Andrew Page 17 Apr, 2009

When it comes to investing our hard earned cash, what most people crave is certainty. That is, we want investments that will deliver a reliable return over a certain time frame, and indeed there are investment products that essentially do just that, such as term deposits and bonds.

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Survival of the Fittest

John Jeffery 6 Mar, 2009
This article is going to argue two points which can not readily be taken from any chart. The first is that the market is in a bottoming process (particularly in the US) although the view from the chart is somewhat clouded.
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Over Supply?

John Jeffery 20 Feb, 2009
Deteriorating global economic conditions have been extremely supportive of the global government debt markets.
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Missive from China

Tom Scollon 10 Oct, 2008
Can China save the world from this unprecedented market meltdown?
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