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Look this gift horse in the mouth...

Andrew Page 10 Oct, 2008
The aggressive interest rate cuts from central banks this week will certainly be welcome news for borrowers, but is it really something to cheer about?
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Back to the Future

Andrew Page 3 Oct, 2008
Another week, another major drop in the share market.
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The Dividend Delusion

Andrew Page 29 Aug, 2008
When it comes to generating an income stream from your investment dollar, most people tend not to think of shares as an attractive option, and this is a great pity.
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Is the Resource Boom over?

Andrew Page 22 Aug, 2008
The rapid growth from developing nations like China and India have helped to significantly boost the demand for resources like iron and copper, and as such we’ve seen solid increases in volumes and prices in metals over the past 5 years.
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Debt is not a four letter word

Andrew Page 18 Jul, 2008
The current turmoil on world financial markets can largely be attributed to one thing, and that is debt, or more specifically, too much of it.
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SIMS Revisited

John Jeffery 18 Jul, 2008
At the very beginning of the year there were a multitude of shares that looked like they were offering value.
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Why efficiency is bad news for traders

Andrew Page 4 Jul, 2008
When we talk about efficiency in markets, we are referring to the speed with which new information is accurately priced into securities.
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Oil and the Market

Andrew Page 27 Jun, 2008
Last week we discussed the rise and rise of crude oil, and the factors that have contributed to the persistent upward push.
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