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How to Pick Better Trades

John Jeffery 22 Feb, 2010
Integrated Investor is a powerful analytical tool with many great features which can benefit all trading and investing clients, regardless of the main focuses of their training.
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Young Guns

Andrew Page 15 Feb, 2010
When it comes to investing, the sooner you start and the longer you wait, the better off you will be. It’s an undeniable fact.
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Go Long, Stay Strong

Andrew Page 22 Jan, 2010

Given the apparent devastation that resulted from the Global Financial Crisis, a casual observer would be forgiven for thinking that stock market investors are still licking their wounds. After all, the Australian market more than halved in value between Late 2007 and early 2009 and still remains a good 25% below its all time high. Fortunes have been lost and, according to the popular media, the hopes and dreams of the soon to be retired baby boomers have gone up in smoke.

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Picks of the month

Andrew Page 15 Jan, 2010

Experience has repeatedly taught me to be wary of ‘hot tips’, especially when they concern unproven speculative enterprises. In an efficient market one must be careful not to forget that by the time you have received the tip, so have a thousand others and the expectation will most often already be reflected in the market price. This is especially relevant for those concerned only with short term gains.

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Told you so

Andrew Page 14 Dec, 2009
As it turns out, this was amazingly prescient, with the market rallying strongly between then and now.
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The Exception That Proves the Rule - Part 2

Andrew Page 23 Nov, 2009
Last week I examined the performance of the Japanese market over the past 20 years and claimed that although the major indices have declined by around 69% in that time, the experience for long term investors would be substantially better provided even the most basic of principles were applied.
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Contrary to Popular Opinion

Jordan Craw 28 Aug, 2009
Looking back through articles from earlier this year How Sold Are We and A Standard Rally, it is clear I was initially skeptical of the March low and subsequent rally.
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