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Dividends Make the Difference

Andrew Page 5 Jul, 2010
As DividendKey attendees will be aware, when it comes to generating an income stream from your investment dollar, most people tend not to think of shares as an attractive option, and this is a great pity.
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Invest by the Book

John Jeffery 5 Jul, 2010
Brokers and equity analysts will use a wide variety of financial tools to determine the true worth of a share.
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Insuring Your Portfolio

Andrew Page 28 Jun, 2010
If the possibility of a market downturn has you worried, and you are reluctant to liquidate your holdings, you might want to consider purchasing some insurance for your portfolio.
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GFC 2.0

Andrew Page 4 Jun, 2010

Are we headed for another great depression? Many seemingly credible commentators seem to thinks so, although as is often the case there is conflicting views and rigorous debate.

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Budget Breakdown

Andrew Page 14 May, 2010

When it comes to the federal budget, it’s virtually impossible to keep everyone happy.

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Theory Vs Practice

Andrew Page 30 Apr, 2010

There is a long standing though controversial theory known as the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Basically, it rather bizarrely claims that well informed markets react with almost perfect efficiency in pricing new information into shares.

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What Sector Next?

John Jeffery 16 Apr, 2010

There has been some excellent research conducted over the years that identifies the best performing managed funds.

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False profits

Andrew Page 16 Apr, 2010
When trying to judge the success of traders there is nothing more definitive than the rate of return they have been able to demonstrate.
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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Andrew Page 1 Mar, 2010
In principle, making money in the market is all about buying low and selling high. At least that’s what most people tend to think, and a great deal of effort goes into trying to identify stocks with the best growth potential.
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