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From a background in law and communications, Tim Walker began his studies with Safety in the Market in 2005 and completed the Platinum Program in 2007. Inspired by the financial empowerment that the methods of David Bowden and W.D. Gann offer traders at every level, Tim joined the Education Support team in July, 2007 and is now a presenter at our advanced-level seminars. He believes a disciplined approach to the material is essential and that profitable trading is available to anyone willing to put in the work. Tim sees his role as mutually beneficial - by helping others achieve success, he improves his own trading skills.

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Trading by Proxy

1 Mar, 2010
Many traders are interested in trading the commodity markets, and for good reason – they make good trends and generate great returns.

2-Day Swing Charts

15 Feb, 2010
We left off in Issue 343 with a very brief reference to the ‘Christmas Rally’. This is a very useful little pattern, to look for a run up from a mid-December low to a top in early January.

Trades to Take and Others to Avoid

22 Jan, 2010

When last we looked at Santos I left you with a little challenge to spot why I wouldn’t take an ABC short trade that was signalled on Tuesday 1 December. How did you go? It’s not too late to go and have a look now before you read on. The simple reason was that Point B, which occurred on 27 November, sat on the 50% level of a major range. To find this we look at the Weekly Chart, as follows.

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