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From a background in law and communications, Tim Walker began his studies with Safety in the Market in 2005 and completed the Platinum Program in 2007. Inspired by the financial empowerment that the methods of David Bowden and W.D. Gann offer traders at every level, Tim joined the Education Support team in July, 2007 and is now a presenter at our advanced-level seminars. He believes a disciplined approach to the material is essential and that profitable trading is available to anyone willing to put in the work. Tim sees his role as mutually beneficial - by helping others achieve success, he improves his own trading skills.

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Trading  What You See

16 Jan, 2012
Over the past couple of weeks there have been some very interesting discussions on Corn on my page of the Safety in the Market Forum.

How Safe Is  Your Money?

15 Nov, 2011
This month I’m going to take a break from the markets and look at upset and uncertainty caused by the failure of MF Global. Like many of you, I had funds with MF Global and last Friday I attended the Meeting of Creditors in Sydney.

Trading  Plans

13 Oct, 2011
Trading the markets involves buying and selling to make a profit. This pursuit involves two distinct elements – analysis and trading.

Good Time for a Holiday

15 Aug, 2011
ABC trading is a trend following system. That means that when the trend is up (defined by higher swing tops and bottoms) we look for long trades, and when the trend is down (defined by lower swing tops and bottoms) we take short trades.

Balancing  Time

15 Jul, 2011
As we continue our journey through the soft commodity markets, this month let’s take a look at Corn.

Coffee Time

15 Jun, 2011
Another commodity market that has had a spectacular run in the last 12-months is Coffee.

A Silver Lining?

17 May, 2011
Wouldn’t it have been great to have been short Silver this past week?

Old "Tops and Bottoms"

18 Apr, 2011
When we look at the precious metals complex, we see that while interest in the popular press and even amongst traders is centred on Gold, there may be equal or even better trading opportunities in Silver.

Comparing  Stocks to the Index

15 Apr, 2010
If you have been following the SPI over the past 6 months you might have been getting a bit frustrated trying to determine which way it was going.
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