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While working as an accountant, Mat Barnes discovered that one of his clients was doing exceptionally well trading the markets and was motivated to investigate further. He began trading in 2000 and never looked back. Mat specialises in foreign exchange with a particular emphasis on US dollar, Euro and Yen currency trading. He is another successful Safety in the Market Platinum graduate and shares his extensive knowledge of currencies markets with other traders in his work as an instructor and regular writer for Safety in the Market.

Latest Posts

US Dollar Update

14 Dec, 2012
Welcome to my final Trading Tutors newsletter article for 2012.

A Matter of Perspective

30 Nov, 2012
The US Dollar is rallying – against the Japanese Yen, that is – and has gained more than seven-per-cent since the September lows,

Euro Gets Set for a Second Section

15 Nov, 2012
In the July, 2012 edition of the Safety in the Market monthly newsletter, I nominated July as a good area to watch for the yearly low on the Euro.

Fourth Time Lucky?

9 Nov, 2012
In his Commodities Course, W.D. Gann wrote about Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms, calling them strong levels of support and resistance.

First Impressions

19 Oct, 2012
This year I have heard a lot of new traders make comments to the effect that “stocks aren’t very good to trade”.

Getting Organised

28 Sep, 2012
When I performed my daily analysis on the Australian Dollar this morning, I looked at a whole bunch of different charts.

The Power of Focus

17 Sep, 2012
Welcome all Safety in the Market students to this month’s dedicated newsletter.

Not So Sweet Sixteen!

7 Sep, 2012
In August, 2011, a big kerfuffle arose as the United States Government debt approached the ceiling of 14.3 Trillion dollars.
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