Andrew Page
Andrew Page

The national broadcaster last week released a damning report on the returns of Superannuation funds. It sounds a clear call to arms for all serious investors. If you want decent returns, you’ve got to do it yourself!

The ABC analysed data from the Australian Prudential Regulator Authority (APRA) going back as far as 1997, and found that on average, superannuation funds achieved an annual return of just 3% over the period (read the full story here). Just 3%!? That means when you factor in inflation there has been no real growth AT ALL, and this is over a period where the share market has grown by about 10% each year – even when you factor in the Global Financial Crisis. Indeed, even cash investments delivered about 4.5% over that time!

The real salt in the wound here of course, is that investors have had to pay for the privilege. Big fees are a big part of why the overall performance has been so poor. In other words you are paying a proportion of your retirement dollars to pay for a fund manager’s Ferrari, when that fund manager is no good!

It’s quite obvious that even the most straightforward investment strategy, administered by yourself, will lead to significantly enhanced returns. And this is where the DividendKey comes in. Based on well established principles of conservative, long term income investment, the DividendKey is perfectly suited to Self managed Super Funds (SMSF) or even if you want to set up a retirement account separate to your Super.

Such a strategy would have seen an average annual growth over 3 times what the so-called professionals managed to achieve, and all without any significant associated risks. Best of all, the DividendKey is not an intensive strategy requiring a large amount of work, its passive approach ensures that it is your money that is doing all the work.

The strategy you will learn is simple, giving you the ingredients AND the recipe to set up a winning share portfolio with no ongoing costs. It essentially relies on the fact that the biggest and best listed companies have an attractive history of steady and rising dividends; cash that is shared with you to be reinvested. This compounds your returns and allows you to broaden the number of shares in your portfolio and become a part owner of some of the most profitable enterprises around. That’s the real trick, find the good, profitable companies and share in those profits. In lesson one you’ll see how these companies are the ones best suited to those investors who want great returns without the risks associated with more speculative start-up companies.

At only $199 the DividendKey costs substantially less than the thousands paid in a lifetime of fees to some anonymous and undeserving fund manager!, What’s more the course may be tax deductable against the income received from your dividends in the first year. The DividendKey is remarkably convenient, delivered over the internet via 4 interactive webinars, and is accompanied by a comprehensive workbook that reinforces the key learning outcomes. Furthermore, all the lessons are recorded and can be viewed literally hundreds of times.

If you want any hope of providing for a comfortable and worry free life in retirement, you clearly cannot rely on the superannuation industry. You can however, rely on the DividendKey; a fact we are so confident of that we will refund your money after the first lesson if you feel as though it isn’t right for you.

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Andrew Page