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Gold a Safe Bet?

Tom Scollon 30 Aug, 2010
With the thought of a double dip recession gaining some increased following – but not from yours truly just yet – one might think of gold as a place to find refuge until the ill winds blow over.
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Know Your Bias

Jordan Craw 7 May, 2010

A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels. It is commonly accepted that using a combination of property, stocks and cash is a sound diversification strategy on a macro level.

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Tom Scollon 31 Oct, 2008
Sean writes: ‘Around the middle of this year you gave us your thoughts on where you thought the SPI was headed.
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The Big Big Picture

Tom Scollon 6 Jun, 2008
Always good to take a peek at the big picture. But I am never sure how to make money from it in the short to medium term, nevertheless I always think it is a good thing to do.
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Interest Rates

John Jeffery 11 Jan, 2008
As the New Year gets under way, uncertainty continues to hold sway throughout the asset classes.
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Interested in Bonds?

John Jeffery 7 Dec, 2007
My recent articles have been focused on the US bond markets and how the prevailing interest rate direction will affect mortgages as well as the continuing threat of the sub-prime credit crunch.
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A Nervous Few Weeks

Noel Campbell 18 Dec, 2006
Many investors right now will be watching the equities markets with baited breath, wondering what is going to happen next!?!
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