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Gold, A Dull Topic?

Tom Scollon 21 May, 2018
Well there is not a lot of talk these days. It is clearly not a hot topic at the moment
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Gold Shining Again?

Tom Scollon 9 Nov, 2009
Gold is back in the headlines again with India’s purchase of 200 tons of gold being regarded as newsworthy.
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Whither to gold?

Tom Scollon 17 Aug, 2009
The gold buffs have not had a riveting time of late – well at least compared to equities. And gold stocks have not had such a great time either.
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Gold a bright spot

Tom Scollon 9 Apr, 2009
All markets will ultimately recover but how and when we cannot say with great confidence at this point.
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Glory of Gold

Tom Scollon 2 Nov, 2007
Gold attracts a disproportional level of interest. Gold and gold stocks weigh minutely on the market compared with, say, base metals.
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That's Gold

John Jeffery 12 Oct, 2007
I’m still a bear in the US. In an article I wrote some weeks back I mentioned that the US bond market was pointing to about a 50/50 chance of recession next year in the US.
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