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The hunt for Value

Andrew Page 16 May, 2008
Since carving out fresh highs in late October, world markets experienced the first significant correction in around five years, and for many it was a rude awakening.
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Are You Feeling Comfy?

Tom Scollon 15 Feb, 2008
When I see investors buying into the current market I ask myself, who is doing this buying? Why? Do they know something that I don’t?
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XAO – All Bets Off

Tom Scollon 18 Jan, 2008
Well much has happened in the last week and if I was writing as I did last week on the mother of all share indices – the DOW – I would probably have taken an even harsher view.
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US Investors Pout

Tom Scollon 14 Dec, 2007
The US markets had an extraordinary move up during the last week or so in anticipation of a 50 point move on interest rates by the Fed.
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Where Are You Now?

Tom Scollon 30 Nov, 2007
When you look at a line chart of the DOW or All Ordinaries and ask investors to look back and point to where they would like to have bought in, almost without exception they point to the major retreats that we call ‘pullbacks’.
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DOW is in the Zone

Tom Scollon 26 Oct, 2007
In the near term the DOW has arrived. There is not a lot more major travel for the time being – up or down – even though you may ‘feel’ the market is a little frenetic and the media/analysts beat it up.
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USDLR Fall Not Over

Tom Scollon 5 Oct, 2007
The market fall may be mostly over but there is still more pain ahead – for the US dollar, anyway. On the flipside, currencies like the lil’ Aussie battler are set to rise further.
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Putting on the bear hat

John Jeffery 31 Aug, 2007
This may sound unseasonable. Most market commentators are beginning to come around to the idea that the current pullback was an expected correction and things are going to waltz along as before.
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