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I Just Don't Know

Tom Scollon 23 Nov, 2012
What an admission! I really don’t know where the markets are going in the medium-term.
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Feeling the Pain

Lachlan McPherson 5 Jul, 2010
We saw a strong change in sentiment for the last week of June, as markets wound up their worst quarter since the Global Financial crisis.
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Andrew Page 5 Oct, 2009
Despite a lot of rhetoric over the so called ‘September effect’ most major markets around the world ended last month at or just below 12 month highs.
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Is it Really Golden?

Jordan Craw 6 Jul, 2009
Moving averages (MAs) are often the first technical indicator learnt when studying technical analysis, and why not they are straight forward and help gauge where a market is in relation to its history.
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Long Term Investing Dead?

Andrew Page 2 Apr, 2009
A lot of comparisons have been made between the current Global Financial Crisis and the great depression, and indeed there are many similarities. Unfortunately though, such comparisons seem to provide little scope for optimism, especially for the longer term investor.
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It's All Relative

Jordan Craw 20 Mar, 2009
Over this period of bear market action I have been continually dismayed by statistics used in the mainstream media. Statements like "...the Dow had its largest one day decline in history" may sound fair enough, but when we are talking about absolute changes in price they are really quite useless.
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West and East in the ring

Tom Scollon 20 Mar, 2009
A few months ago I wrote about how the USA was in decline and China was fast catching up - and so I thought that it was time to relook at these economic power machines. Not that a lot can change in a few months that will influence the outcome in decades to come.
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Dour News

Tom Scollon 27 Feb, 2009
Sorry to be back to the dour side of investing life.
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More of the same - but reason for optimism

Andrew Page 30 May, 2008
After a shocking week previously, the US market managed to regain some lost ground through to Thursday despite a raft of disappointing economic data results.
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