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Buy or Bye?

Tom Scollon 14 Jun, 2013
Where to from here will be on the minds of investors globally.
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Miners down but not Out

Tom Scollon 10 May, 2013

Mining stocks have risen over the last few days and so we ask, does this herald the beginning of a new dawn?

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Spring in Pairs

John Jeffery 8 Dec, 2008
In the last edition of the Trading Tutors Newsletter I wrote an article about picking strong or weak sectors and choosing long or short trading opportunities within those sectors.
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The Sector Spectre

John Jeffery 27 Nov, 2008
One way that major financial institutions go about their stock selection is to employ a process known as top down analysis.
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Mining bubble in the making?

Tom Scollon 30 May, 2008
Well not yet but it is possibly only a matter of time. Let’s go straight to the chart and see what we can glean.
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Where to BHP?

Tom Scollon 23 May, 2008
One subscriber asked if I would do a similar review of BHP as I did for oil last week.
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Know your weightings

Tom Scollon 9 Nov, 2007
As I am sure most of you know sharemarkets are divided into sectors. For example Financials excluding property is about 40% of the Sharemarket, Materials is about 20%, and Industrials are about 8%.
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