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Thank you for your get well messages

Tom Scollon 31 Aug, 2007
And thank you for those of you who wrote in with very sincere concern for my state of mind. I am sorry if I alarmed you but I have found getting things off my chest a calming process.
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Hallelujah I'm A Bear

Tom Scollon 17 Aug, 2007
Because by the time this goes to print I will be back going long again. I just can’t help myself. Maybe I have an addiction. Maybe I have a problem.
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Back Test vs. Simulation? Part 2

Neil Gladwin 11 Sep, 2006
In my last article, I took a look at using the System Builder in ProfitSource to back test a trading system.
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Editor Asks Should We Stick With The Index

Tom Scollon 16 Jun, 2003
The Australian share market has risen almost 15% since its low of 2666 (XAO) on March 13 this year. Some very honest people have said to me their portfolio has not risen anywhere near this extent. How come?
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No Such Thing As Bad News

Tom Scollon 16 Jun, 2003
Over the last several weeks we have brushed aside bad news and it has been very much a case of “don’t rain on my parade”.
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Note From the Editor

Tom Scollon 19 May, 2003
In Issue #4 28 April I spoke about the likelihood of retracement of the Australian stock market and since then the market has been in steady decline.
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Keep Your Seat Belt On

Tom Scollon 28 Apr, 2003
Yes – you will need your seat belt on – not that this big dipper ride will be all that rough – but it is precautionary – that is all that is required in this market right now – prudence not fear.
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