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Know your rights

Tom Scollon 6 Feb, 2009
This is a topic about which I wrote some time ago in this column and SharesBulletin but I feel further mention is warranted here in the Trading Tutors Newsletter.
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Will we love again

Tom Scollon 23 Jan, 2009
Will we love again? Will we ever reach a time when we can relax about our job, our mortgage, about our life time savings, go out and have a great time and not worry about tomorrow?
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Just can't ignore it

Tom Scollon 19 Sep, 2008
Before I sit to compose my editorial I generally think several days in advance of my topic and usually have a variety of topics I would like to explore.
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Not since Adam was a kid

Tom Scollon 4 Jul, 2008
The papers have been telling us that this has been the worst fiscal year for the equity markets since year dot or when Adam was a kid.
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200 MA, So What?

Tom Scollon 13 Jun, 2008
The 200 day moving average is oft quoted by analysts who are ‘sometime’ technical analysts.
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XAO – All Bets Off

Tom Scollon 18 Jan, 2008
Well much has happened in the last week and if I was writing as I did last week on the mother of all share indices – the DOW – I would probably have taken an even harsher view.
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Gain and Pain

Tom Scollon 20 Dec, 2007
I hope opening with the chart for the All Ords won’t bring back too many scary memories:
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Where Are You Now?

Tom Scollon 30 Nov, 2007
When you look at a line chart of the DOW or All Ordinaries and ask investors to look back and point to where they would like to have bought in, almost without exception they point to the major retreats that we call ‘pullbacks’.
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