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Getting off that train

Tom Scollon 15 Jan, 2010

Late last year I talked about ‘sticking to your guns’ when you believe in your strategy – despite there maybe being some headwinds. This of course assumes that your strategy was well founded in the first place and has been successfully and repeatedly tested. This is all part of having a proven methodology which you use over and over again.

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Setting up your psyche

Tom Scollon 14 Dec, 2009
It is best not to trade or invest beyond your ability to control your heart and emotions or nerves – call it what you like.
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One last fling?

Tom Scollon 23 Nov, 2009
The last few months have been interesting to say the least. Some got it right from day one – they piled into the share market on March 6 whilst others have dabbled along the way.
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Contrary to Popular Opinion

Jordan Craw 28 Aug, 2009
Looking back through articles from earlier this year How Sold Are We and A Standard Rally, it is clear I was initially skeptical of the March low and subsequent rally.
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The Second Coming

Tom Scollon 24 Aug, 2009
I was interested in the comments made last week by a senior bureaucrat about the prospect of a second recession wave in the GFC – global finance crisis.
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Long Term Investing Dead?

Andrew Page 2 Apr, 2009
A lot of comparisons have been made between the current Global Financial Crisis and the great depression, and indeed there are many similarities. Unfortunately though, such comparisons seem to provide little scope for optimism, especially for the longer term investor.
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Time to Invest?

Andrew Page 27 Mar, 2009
A lot of people spend considerable time and energy in trying to determine whether the market has bottomed or has further to fall. While we can attempt to calculate reasonable and objective estimates, the fact is no one can ever be sure, not even the most qualified and experienced professional.
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It's All Relative

Jordan Craw 20 Mar, 2009
Over this period of bear market action I have been continually dismayed by statistics used in the mainstream media. Statements like "...the Dow had its largest one day decline in history" may sound fair enough, but when we are talking about absolute changes in price they are really quite useless.
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Get Real

Andrew Page 20 Feb, 2009
The most important thing you can do prior to becoming involved in the market is to ensure you have realistic expectations.
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