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Revisiting the Christmas Spirit Trade

Ken Paddison 27 Feb, 2009
You may remember back in December we looked at a Calendar trade on Woolworths (WOW) based on our outlook from Kevin Rudd’s bonus payment.
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Turn adversity into advantage

Andrew Page 23 Jan, 2009
From an investor’s point of view, it would be dangerous to think that things will turn around quickly and rush to buy up stock purely because they are “cheap”.
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Editor: The Markets Still Have Momentum

Tom Scollon 13 Oct, 2003
There is little doubt that the markets have confirmed sustainability and this appears likely to continue barring any major surprises. Technically the markets still want to keep rising. Volume remains firm and there are few sellers so buyers left behind when the markets took off in March are having to pay steep prices to get a stake in the market in these robust times.
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