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Telstra - How Low Can You Go?

Tom Scollon 10 Sep, 2010

I have been watching with some indifference TLS over the last few years, having once been a not insignificant shareholder; taking decent size parcels in all three tranches, but cutting loose not long after. Despite all the upbeat chat at the time of privatising I have always believed they not only would suffer for many years from being a government department despite being so called ‘privatised’ but also that they would always be a political football with too many masters. And the most telling disadvantage was they were a ‘dead in the wall’ organisation with sunset technology in a sunset space. And because of the political issues it could not move fast enough to move to sunrise strategies.

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Telco Turmoil

Andrew Page 21 Sep, 2009
Yesterday’s ultimatum to Telstra by the Government certainly came as a big surprise and has many Australians wondering what this means for them.
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Classic Sell down

Tom Scollon 28 Aug, 2009
I rarely like to write in hindsight for obvious reasons – it is always easy to see things after the event.
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