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Time to cash in CBA?

Tom Scollon 2 May, 2013
A few weeks ago we looked at CBA which was setting up a classic text book wave four ready to move to wave five.
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Banking on a Fall

Lauren Jones 16 Nov, 2012
When we first teach students to select trades, we advise them to trade with the trend.
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It's Been a Wonderful Time

Lachlan McPherson 23 Aug, 2010
It’s been a wonderful time in the markets. We’ve seen a very clear trend and if you were on board using Elliott Wave Analysis you would have no doubt seen some excellent trades.
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MACD Confirmation Signals

John Jeffery 6 Feb, 2009
The MACD (moving average divergence / convergence) is a popular and often cited trading indicator.
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What, me worry?

Andrew Page 29 Jan, 2009
In November of 2007, after five years of phenomenal growth, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia touched a new record high of $62.16. Of course since then the bank, which was the very definition of a solid blue chip company, has since dropped over 60%, last week returning to levels not seen since early 2003.
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Easy does it

John Jeffery 7 Nov, 2008
Albert Einstein said that the solution to any problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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Banks were Safe as Houses

Tom Scollon 8 Aug, 2008
As you know I am quite happy to take questions and weave the answers into the editorial where appropriate.
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