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BHP Going Cheap

Tom Scollon 7 Jun, 2013
Had I offered BHP to you at $30 anytime over the last couple of years you would probably have grabbed as much as you could.
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Miners down but not Out

Tom Scollon 10 May, 2013

Mining stocks have risen over the last few days and so we ask, does this herald the beginning of a new dawn?

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Thinking Long Term

Lachlan McPherson 30 Aug, 2010
If you follow the financial markets in any shape or form, it has been near impossible to miss the vast amount of merger and acquisition activity taking place under the current global circumstances.
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The Kiss of Death

Tom Scollon 6 Apr, 2010
Shorting can be the kiss of death for an unsuspecting stock.
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Elliott and its ways

Tom Scollon 15 Mar, 2010
To many Elliott can be very frustrating and tedious and this can be a major turnoff in using it.
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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Andrew Page 1 Mar, 2010
In principle, making money in the market is all about buying low and selling high. At least that’s what most people tend to think, and a great deal of effort goes into trying to identify stocks with the best growth potential.
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Entry Signals to Trade Elliott Wave

John Jeffery 15 Jan, 2010

In the early 1980’s a trader and a psychiatrist were having an ongoing dispute as to whether great traders were born or created. In order to resolve their positions the pair suggested that they recruit and train several individuals, provide them with accounts and see how they faired. The two having the argument were Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt and the subsequent experiment became the very famous ‘Turtle Traders’.

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What suits you?

Tom Scollon 12 Oct, 2009
I am often asked by many what are the best instruments to trade – Shares, CFDs, Options or Futures?
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Was It You

Tom Scollon 19 Jun, 2009

Back in March when the markets took off there were many reasons to believe markets globally could have fallen much further. So few investors got on board as risks were still high. Many traders – short term players – may have taken some positions but few would have been fully invested. Well done if you picked the low.

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MACD Confirmation Signals

John Jeffery 6 Feb, 2009
The MACD (moving average divergence / convergence) is a popular and often cited trading indicator.
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