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Market Update 27 May 2013

Aaron Lynch 27 May, 2013
Aaron Lynch from Safety in the Market delivers an update for the week ahead with a keen focus on the Crude market
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Told you so

Andrew Page 14 Dec, 2009
As it turns out, this was amazingly prescient, with the market rallying strongly between then and now.
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Setting up your psyche

Tom Scollon 14 Dec, 2009
It is best not to trade or invest beyond your ability to control your heart and emotions or nerves – call it what you like.
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To Be or Not To Be

Tom Scollon 24 Apr, 2009
As I scanned the financial print headlines Thursday – I only scan as reading detail clogs my brain – I quickly recalled a heading only a day earlier which just told a very different story. On Wednesday our Reserve Bank Governor was reported – on the same front page - as saying things would be sweet as here in Australia – well not in those words. And then on Thursday the IMF were reported as saying we are heading down the gurgler.
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Is the Resource Boom over?

Andrew Page 22 Aug, 2008
The rapid growth from developing nations like China and India have helped to significantly boost the demand for resources like iron and copper, and as such we’ve seen solid increases in volumes and prices in metals over the past 5 years.
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Editor: Did I See You Heading For The Exits?

Tom Scollon 24 Nov, 2003
Some may think I am obsessed with retracements. But I must persist as it is primary to understanding price movement. Just as markets retrace down when a market rises they also retrace up when the market is falling – this is part of the confusion and uncertainty as the tide changes.
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