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Market Update 29 Aug 2013

Aaron Lynch 29 Aug, 2013
Aaron Lynch delivers his weekly update, this week takes a look at the commodities continued climb as the effects of the news in Syria is acted on by the market.
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Market Update 22nd August 2013

Aaron Lynch 22 Aug, 2013
Aaron Lynch continues his weekly discussion on the markets with a specific focus on Time Trend analysis on crude oil.
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Weekly Update 15 August 2013

Aaron Lynch 15 Aug, 2013
Aaron Lynch delivers his weekly update with a strong focus on the commodities space.
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Market Update 1 August 2013

Aaron Lynch 1 Aug, 2013
Aaron Lynch examines the first lower swing top opportunity on crude oil and general position of the global markets.
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Crude Oil Update 26 July 2013

Aaron Lynch 26 Jul, 2013
Aaron Lynch runs through his weekly crude oil update with a focus on the current high, will this top hang develop into more downside or is there more upside to come?
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Crude oil Update 18 Jul 2013

Aaron Lynch 18 Jul, 2013
Aaron Lynch zooms in on the current position of crude oil as time and price suggest we could be due for a turn.
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Market Update 11 July 2013

Aaron Lynch 11 Jul, 2013
Aaron Lynch spends time analysing the crude oil market as we run into some potential time pressure.
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Resources reaching a low?

Tom Scollon 11 Jul, 2013
Well yes they are. But the more important issue is, is this THE low. Let’s look at the Materials chart and then some stocks
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