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Easier said than done

Andrew Page 21 Nov, 2008
It’s a fairly straightforward matter to justify the expectation that markets will recover, that the vast majority of companies will remain solvent and that the economy will pick up.
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Deal or no deal

Andrew Page 14 Nov, 2008
What is the true worth of a company? This is both a very difficult question and an easy one – depending on how you look at it.
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Guru Grandma

Andrew Page 7 Nov, 2008
Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet many “mum and dad” investors from around the world.
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Prediction Impossible

Andrew Page 24 Oct, 2008
Share market movements can seem almost random, and it can often be difficult to rationalize the daily changes in value.
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Look this gift horse in the mouth...

Andrew Page 10 Oct, 2008
The aggressive interest rate cuts from central banks this week will certainly be welcome news for borrowers, but is it really something to cheer about?
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Back to the Future

Andrew Page 3 Oct, 2008
Another week, another major drop in the share market.
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Time to sell or time to buy?

Andrew Page 26 Sep, 2008
With markets around the world continuing to fall, investors are faced with two primary questions; should I sell out and when should I start to buy again?
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No retreat, no surrender!

Andrew Page 19 Sep, 2008
It has been a horror week on global equity markets with the credit crisis claiming another high profile victim, and the US government being forced into bailing out yet another major institution.
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