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Wave 4 Speaks Volumes

Jordan Craw 2 Nov, 2007
Volume is one of the simplest and most undervalued indicators around. Like indicators in general, volume alone does not give the whole picture.
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That's Gold

John Jeffery 12 Oct, 2007
I’m still a bear in the US. In an article I wrote some weeks back I mentioned that the US bond market was pointing to about a 50/50 chance of recession next year in the US.
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Timing Wave 5 Buys

Jordan Craw 12 Oct, 2007
This week I want to review a recent Wave 5 Buy trade on Aspreva Pharmaceuticals Corp. (ASPV:NASD).
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Strength in ADX Numbers Revisited

Jordan Craw 31 Aug, 2007
Trend strength is an important part of trading directionally when it comes to most systems. A while ago, we looked at an additional criteria that a ProfitSource user employed at one of our software training sessions.
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Thank you for your get well messages

Tom Scollon 31 Aug, 2007
And thank you for those of you who wrote in with very sincere concern for my state of mind. I am sorry if I alarmed you but I have found getting things off my chest a calming process.
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RSI Support

Jordan Craw 24 Aug, 2007
In this age of computers and technical trading software, Welles Wilder’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) remains one of the most popular indicators in technical analysis. <
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