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Trailing Stops

Jordan Craw 4 Apr, 2008
It’s funny how old clichés often ring true, but then again I guess that’s how they become clichés in the first place.
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Missed the bus again?

Tom Scollon 4 Apr, 2008
Maybe you missed the ‘bus’ and did not get on board for the ride of the last few days?
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Are We Nearly There Yet?

John Jeffery 28 Mar, 2008
The most important question on the lips of traders and investors across the globe is, quite simply, “When will we see an end to the turmoil?”.
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Bollinger Confirmations

Jordan Craw 20 Mar, 2008
Seeing John Bollinger speak a few years ago at the Oasis conference in Santa Clara, USA was a great experience for me personally – his Bollinger Bands indicator is one of my favourite technical tools.
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Trend Divergence

Jordan Craw 14 Dec, 2007
Trading against the trend can be a dangerous move. As the saying goes, "The trend is your friend."
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Interested in Bonds?

John Jeffery 7 Dec, 2007
My recent articles have been focused on the US bond markets and how the prevailing interest rate direction will affect mortgages as well as the continuing threat of the sub-prime credit crunch.
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Pivot With It

Jordan Craw 30 Nov, 2007
Pivot points are an Indictor often used by floor traders or day traders as a quick and easy way to calculate resistance and support levels.
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Turn up the Volume

John Jeffery 23 Nov, 2007
Volume indicators are often used to confirm the validity of price movement.
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