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MACD Confirmation Signals

John Jeffery 6 Feb, 2009
The MACD (moving average divergence / convergence) is a popular and often cited trading indicator.
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Know your rights

Tom Scollon 6 Feb, 2009
This is a topic about which I wrote some time ago in this column and SharesBulletin but I feel further mention is warranted here in the Trading Tutors Newsletter.
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A Thorny Subject

John Jeffery 12 Jan, 2009
With the equity markets still in disarray from the tight global credit environment, many observers will be looking forward to 2009 with continued pessimism.
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Spring in Pairs

John Jeffery 8 Dec, 2008
In the last edition of the Trading Tutors Newsletter I wrote an article about picking strong or weak sectors and choosing long or short trading opportunities within those sectors.
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The Sector Spectre

John Jeffery 27 Nov, 2008
One way that major financial institutions go about their stock selection is to employ a process known as top down analysis.
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Easy does it

John Jeffery 7 Nov, 2008
Albert Einstein said that the solution to any problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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Surprise Surprise

Tom Scollon 1 Aug, 2008
Well well wouldn’t you know it? The banks have finally declared an increase in provisions for write offs.
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Happy Birthday!

John Jeffery 13 Jun, 2008
Happy birthday to our much quoted and well known friend: the Sub-Prime crisis.
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