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Was It You

Tom Scollon 19 Jun, 2009

Back in March when the markets took off there were many reasons to believe markets globally could have fallen much further. So few investors got on board as risks were still high. Many traders – short term players – may have taken some positions but few would have been fully invested. Well done if you picked the low.

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Gaps - Fade or Follow?

Jordan Craw 12 Jun, 2009

The market myths that many people seem to hold as truth often amaze me. One from an Australian perspective is that if the US Market has a down day (overnight in Australia) the Aussie market will finish lower the next day. No doubt a similar belief may be held in the States regarding Australian and Asian markets, though I am sure their movements are far less publicized.

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Beware Reporting Season

Tom Scollon 12 Jun, 2009

Reporting season can be a tricky time at best. In the good times the odd negative surprise can be brushed off as just being a mere blip and all will be forgiven in time.

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Elliott Supporting Gann and Fibonacci

Jordan Craw 5 Jun, 2009

Two names synonymous with Technical Analysis are Gann and Elliott, each having their die hard followers. As in many walks of life, people claim their area of study to be the best. Just look at diets, martial arts, weight loss programs or anything related to some kind of personal improvement. Practitioners of each style or method claim theirs is the best, hands down. The funny thing is most work in a similar manner to the same end. Trading in many ways is no different. I am a fan of the saying, “If it works use it!!”

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Bring Back the Uptick Rule

Jordan Craw 29 May, 2009

What was the SEC thinking leading up to July 6th 2007? That is the day when the uptick rule - a rule in place since 1934 to help keep markets orderly - was removed. Famous Investor Lazlo Birinyi has been among those calling for its reinstatement for some time and is now joined by several members of US congress. It’s about time!

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Setting Stops

John Jeffery 15 May, 2009
Everyone knows that stop loss orders should be  used for each and every active market position. The reasons which are usually  cited revolve around risk mitigation, being free from watching the market 24/7  and even the psychological impact of consistent trade planning.
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A mere blip?

Tom Scollon 15 May, 2009

We have seen a soft market this week in global indices and the key question when we see such easing is: will this be an easing or the beginning of the next slide down?

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Gold a bright spot

Tom Scollon 9 Apr, 2009
All markets will ultimately recover but how and when we cannot say with great confidence at this point.
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Over Supply?

John Jeffery 20 Feb, 2009
Deteriorating global economic conditions have been extremely supportive of the global government debt markets.
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