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Support Lines

John Jeffery 14 May, 2010

In most of my articles I tend to focus upon current market action and draw the reader’s attention to a stock, commodity or other instrument which is likely to offer profits.


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DMI and Top Down Stock Selection

John Jeffery 6 Apr, 2010
There are some very simple technical indicators that you can employ to decide whether or not this is a good time to be trading a given share, index or future.
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Exchange Traded Fun

Jordan Craw 26 Mar, 2010

The last few years have seen Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, become exceptionally popular, especially in the United States. This popularity is well justified as ETFs offer an easy way of gaining exposure to stock groups and commodities.

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Retracement theory

Tom Scollon 26 Mar, 2010

I had an interesting email this week from a client – Naresh:

…from India and had been following your mails regularly.

I did attend the safety in the market course 5 day trading congress with Mr. David Bowden.

Considering your recent article , don’t you think that we are at a very strong resistance level of 50 % retracement of the total fall and the current up move is about to finish as we are very near to the time by degrees date as well

Shall appreciate your reply for better understanding .



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The Running of the Bulls?

Mathew Barnes 19 Mar, 2010

Nearly three months of 2010 have come and gone and so far, there haven’t been too many bulls to be seen on the Euro. They must be off in a paddock somewhere, enjoying the spoils of the excellent long trading of 2009!

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What if?

Tom Scollon 19 Mar, 2010

What if China’s warning of a double dip recession were to come true? What would you do? When would you do it?

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Elliott and its ways

Tom Scollon 15 Mar, 2010
To many Elliott can be very frustrating and tedious and this can be a major turnoff in using it.
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Exchange Rates

Mathew Barnes 5 Mar, 2010

This July I will have the pleasure of travelling overseas and visiting Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, England and the United Arab Emirates.

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Commodity Play Revision

Jordan Craw 5 Mar, 2010

Ever written something and upon reading it later realize you didn’t say quite what you meant to? Well that’s exactly what happened recently with my previous article on the hidden foreign exchange risks that often exist in trading instruments based in a currency other than your own.

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Range Trading Markets

Tom Scollon 5 Mar, 2010

Most of us of course like trending markets. They have long moves – up or down – and are easier to identify and invest into and we generally sleep better at night. But we can’t have our way all the time and sometimes markets have insufficient buying or selling force to move them strongly in one direction.

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