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Market Update 22nd August 2013

Aaron Lynch 22 Aug, 2013
Aaron Lynch continues his weekly discussion on the markets with a specific focus on Time Trend analysis on crude oil.
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Soothsayers damming the lil Aussie Battler

Tom Scollon 22 May, 2013
Yes I have been reading a trifle about how some acclaimed currency traders are calling the end of the Aussie dollar. Talking up their own book me thinks.
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Time to cash in CBA?

Tom Scollon 2 May, 2013
A few weeks ago we looked at CBA which was setting up a classic text book wave four ready to move to wave five.
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Navigating Instruments

Jordan Craw 6 Sep, 2010
This week my TTN article is aimed at those using HUBB Financial software products, whether that be ProfitSource, OptionGear, ValueGain, the flagship Integrated Investor or the free HUBB Investor ( ).
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Entry Signals to Trade Elliott Wave

John Jeffery 19 Jul, 2010
In the early 1980’s a trader and a psychiatrist were having an ongoing dispute as to whether great traders were born or created.
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Depository Receipts

Jordan Craw 12 Jul, 2010
British Petroleum has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons and as you can see from Chart 1 its share price is down over 40% this year.
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Ascending / Descending Triangles

John Jeffery 4 Jun, 2010

If you are looking to trade a break out on an intraday chart, one pattern which is often quite useful and favoured by currency traders is the ascending or descending triangle.

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Elliott Wave and the Dow

John Jeffery 28 May, 2010

The current market conditions and volatility are causing a huge amount of consternation amongst investors and traders around the globe.


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Muddy Waters

Jordan Craw 24 May, 2010
Well the Caveat Rally of 2009 (discussed in Issue #333) ended in October ’09 as the balance of bulls and bears evened out. Up until then it was hard to find anyone that was outright bullish.
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Is the end nigh?

Tom Scollon 24 May, 2010
At SharesBulletin - – we issue intra week updates when markets go AWOL as we saw this week. In fact we issued two this week – and there may be more to come.
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