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Know when to fold ‘em

John Jeffery 19 Oct, 2009
It’s been a good few weeks in the markets for HUBB clients. During the September Trading key session 2, we focused on picking a couple of Elliott Wave 4 trades using our simple checklist.
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Retracing Volume

Jordan Craw 7 Sep, 2009
Ask a professional from almost any field of endeavor and they will almost certainly agree that performing the basics well is vital to success.
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Can you pallet it?

John Jeffery 4 May, 2009
In the article entitled "Brambles - A Thorny Subject" I considered the usefulness of combining On Balance Volume and Bollinger Bands as a simple trading method.
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A Thorny Subject

John Jeffery 12 Jan, 2009
With the equity markets still in disarray from the tight global credit environment, many observers will be looking forward to 2009 with continued pessimism.
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Easy does it

John Jeffery 7 Nov, 2008
Albert Einstein said that the solution to any problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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Surprise Surprise

Tom Scollon 1 Aug, 2008
Well well wouldn’t you know it? The banks have finally declared an increase in provisions for write offs.
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SIMS Revisited

John Jeffery 18 Jul, 2008
At the very beginning of the year there were a multitude of shares that looked like they were offering value.
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The ABC of Cheap Money

Tom Scollon 29 Feb, 2008
It has been reported that some companies have been struggling with the fall out from the credit crunch in recent months and my editorial this week relates to this scenario.
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Turn up the Volume

John Jeffery 23 Nov, 2007
Volume indicators are often used to confirm the validity of price movement.
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