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SIMS Revisited

John Jeffery 18 Jul, 2008
At the very beginning of the year there were a multitude of shares that looked like they were offering value.
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What If I Am Wrong?

Tom Scollon 20 Jun, 2008
Before I compose my editorial I await columnist’s articles to see is there a theme I should avoid – if for no other reason than to avoid the risk over weighting a theme.
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Fix Your Mortgage?

Tom Scollon 21 Sep, 2007
I read with curiosity a personal finance article (in Australia) about fixing your home loan interest rate. Well, whether you fix it is going to depend on what part of the globe you live in.
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Let no man write my epitaph

Tom Scollon 6 Sep, 2007
Thank you for your many emails. As anticipated your comments had two things in common. Firstly you all had strong views – in a frightening sort of way.
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