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Top Down Analysis

Jordan Craw 23 Apr, 2010
We continue to see enquiries at Hubb about sector based analysis. No doubt due to the fact it is taught at a variety of seminars and of course because of the inherent value in doing sector analysis. With that in mind let’s take a look at how a top down approach can be employed.
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What Sector Next?

John Jeffery 16 Apr, 2010

There has been some excellent research conducted over the years that identifies the best performing managed funds.

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DMI and Top Down Stock Selection

John Jeffery 6 Apr, 2010
There are some very simple technical indicators that you can employ to decide whether or not this is a good time to be trading a given share, index or future.
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Dow Jones Analysis

John Jeffery 19 Mar, 2010

There are many different methods available to traders and investors when it comes to predicting future price movements. Anyone who is trading equities or their associated derivatives will know that an integrated approach (combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis) is by far the most accurate and therefore the most desirable. Of course, there are instruments which can be traded which do not lend themselves to these techniques; things like currencies, futures and indices. When faced with these challenges, how should the trader adapt?

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How to Pick Better Trades

John Jeffery 22 Feb, 2010
Integrated Investor is a powerful analytical tool with many great features which can benefit all trading and investing clients, regardless of the main focuses of their training.
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Advanced Systems Testing

John Jeffery 5 Feb, 2010

There are always a few common mistakes that are made when implementing a trading system. These range from excessive positive expectation leading to over leverage all the way to a lack of preparation and system testing. Indeed, often the actual system itself leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the logic that supports it and the market conditions it is implemented through. In this article we will look at a method of back testing and some important components to be considered in developing a trading method.

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Entry Signals to Trade Elliott Wave

John Jeffery 15 Jan, 2010

In the early 1980’s a trader and a psychiatrist were having an ongoing dispute as to whether great traders were born or created. In order to resolve their positions the pair suggested that they recruit and train several individuals, provide them with accounts and see how they faired. The two having the argument were Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt and the subsequent experiment became the very famous ‘Turtle Traders’.

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Number 5 is Alive!

John Jeffery 24 Dec, 2009
The market’s continuing rally over the last 9 months has presented a vast number of trend continuation trades for ProfitSource users.
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United Group of Indicators

John Jeffery 26 Oct, 2009
Institutions are known to undertake a huge amount of analysis when looking at asset allocation and specific stock selection. Depending on the institution, various forms of fundamental, consensus and technical techniques will be employed.
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Survival of the Fittest

John Jeffery 6 Mar, 2009
This article is going to argue two points which can not readily be taken from any chart. The first is that the market is in a bottoming process (particularly in the US) although the view from the chart is somewhat clouded.
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