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Confidence Boost

Lachlan McPherson 16 Nov, 2012
This week saw a slew of ‘better’ news hit the markets, from Gold prices to renewed optimism out of Asia and Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, pointing to further upside in the US housing market.
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Pre-computed Scans

Jordan Craw 9 Aug, 2010
The Pre-computed scans are a particularly useful time saving feature in the various HUBB software programs.
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Invest by the Book

John Jeffery 5 Jul, 2010
Brokers and equity analysts will use a wide variety of financial tools to determine the true worth of a share.
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Integrated Analysis

John Jeffery 28 Jun, 2010
I had the recent pleasure of attending and presenting at Optionetic’s annual traders summit, Oasis, earlier this month.
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Know Your Bias

Jordan Craw 7 May, 2010

A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels. It is commonly accepted that using a combination of property, stocks and cash is a sound diversification strategy on a macro level.

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What is Integrated Analysis

John Jeffery 30 Apr, 2010

With a large number of traders beginning to regain an edge in their trading through integrated analysis, it is sometimes worth revisiting the concept and asking the simple question: what is integrated analysis?

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