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Heads or Tails

Andrew Page 10 Aug, 2009
At a recent trivia night the host offered free drinks to the person who could outlast everyone in a game of heads or tails.
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Where to from here?

Andrew Page 3 Aug, 2009
What an amazing couple of weeks. Just when it looked as if a new downtrend had become established, the market reversed direction and went on to carve out some of the most aggressive runs we’ve seen in a long time.
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Don't have a plan?

Tom Scollon 27 Jul, 2009
And many - if not most – traders and would be traders are guilty.
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Déjà vu or Apophenia?

Andrew Page 6 Jul, 2009
Last week I compared the current market downturn with that of the 1929 market crash.
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Lies, damn lies, and Indices

Andrew Page 12 Jun, 2009

The long term performance of share markets is truly remarkable; a fact that is easily demonstrated by looking at a chart of any major market index. Despite regular and often severe effects such as wars, recessions, bubbles and crashes, the major industrialised markets have always recovered and gone on to carve out bigger and better gains. Over the long term, the share market has always outperformed all other asset classes, period.

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Running with the bulls

Andrew Page 5 Jun, 2009

This week we learnt that Australia has (so far) narrowly avoided a recession; a technical recession that is. However there is another technical definition that has so far largely escaped popular attention…

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The price of everything and the value of nothing

Andrew Page 24 Apr, 2009
It’s very easy to take something as straightforward as a  market and make it seem immensely complicated, and it’s something that we all  do.  But let’s step back for a moment and  examine exactly what the market actually is.
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Time to Invest?

Andrew Page 27 Mar, 2009
A lot of people spend considerable time and energy in trying to determine whether the market has bottomed or has further to fall. While we can attempt to calculate reasonable and objective estimates, the fact is no one can ever be sure, not even the most qualified and experienced professional.
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Damage Control

Andrew Page 13 Mar, 2009
There are few reasons to be optimistic about the general state of the global economy at present and at times like these it can be difficult to remain confident in the markets. As a long term income investor it can be easier to tolerate significant corrections, but they are certainly an unwelcome phenomenon.
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Load Up

Andrew Page 12 Jan, 2009
The outlook for 2009 is far from certain and there is considerable debate as to whether the market has bottomed, and whether we will see any substantial recovery within the next 12 months.
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