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One last fling?

Tom Scollon 23 Nov, 2009
The last few months have been interesting to say the least. Some got it right from day one – they piled into the share market on March 6 whilst others have dabbled along the way.
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Making Decisions in the Market

Mathew Barnes 14 Sep, 2009
A doctor would be excused for declaring the Euro futures contract (EC-Spotv in ProfitSource) legally dead over the past two weeks.
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Elliott Supporting Gann and Fibonacci

Jordan Craw 5 Jun, 2009

Two names synonymous with Technical Analysis are Gann and Elliott, each having their die hard followers. As in many walks of life, people claim their area of study to be the best. Just look at diets, martial arts, weight loss programs or anything related to some kind of personal improvement. Practitioners of each style or method claim theirs is the best, hands down. The funny thing is most work in a similar manner to the same end. Trading in many ways is no different. I am a fan of the saying, “If it works use it!!”

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Setting Stops

John Jeffery 15 May, 2009
Everyone knows that stop loss orders should be  used for each and every active market position. The reasons which are usually  cited revolve around risk mitigation, being free from watching the market 24/7  and even the psychological impact of consistent trade planning.
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That's Gold

John Jeffery 12 Oct, 2007
I’m still a bear in the US. In an article I wrote some weeks back I mentioned that the US bond market was pointing to about a 50/50 chance of recession next year in the US.
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A Nervous Few Weeks

Noel Campbell 18 Dec, 2006
Many investors right now will be watching the equities markets with baited breath, wondering what is going to happen next!?!
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