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Comparing  Stocks to the Index

Tim Walker 15 Apr, 2010
If you have been following the SPI over the past 6 months you might have been getting a bit frustrated trying to determine which way it was going.
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Exchange Rates

Mathew Barnes 5 Mar, 2010

This July I will have the pleasure of travelling overseas and visiting Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, England and the United Arab Emirates.

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Trading by Proxy

Tim Walker 1 Mar, 2010
Many traders are interested in trading the commodity markets, and for good reason – they make good trends and generate great returns.
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Update on the Euro

Mathew Barnes 22 Feb, 2010
2010 has been a negative year for the Euro so far. In recent times, concerns over the economic conditions in Greece have seen the value of the European currency deflated, but right now it is holding around a key level.
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2-Day Swing Charts

Tim Walker 15 Feb, 2010
We left off in Issue 343 with a very brief reference to the ‘Christmas Rally’. This is a very useful little pattern, to look for a run up from a mid-December low to a top in early January.
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To Parity and Beyond? Not yet...

Mathew Barnes 5 Feb, 2010

The strong Australian Dollar seems to be common knowledge wherever I go. Everyone is talking about the magic word “parity” and wondering when the value of the Australian Dollar will exceed the value of the US Dollar.

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Harmony on the Euro

Mathew Barnes 29 Jan, 2010

It always amazes me when people tell me that techniques are too simple to work. I’m not pointing the finger here, I have done exactly the same thing myself. For example, take Gann’s rule of markets moving in equal sections.

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Trades to Take and Others to Avoid

Tim Walker 22 Jan, 2010

When last we looked at Santos I left you with a little challenge to spot why I wouldn’t take an ABC short trade that was signalled on Tuesday 1 December. How did you go? It’s not too late to go and have a look now before you read on. The simple reason was that Point B, which occurred on 27 November, sat on the 50% level of a major range. To find this we look at the Weekly Chart, as follows.

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A Famous Trade

Mathew Barnes 15 Jan, 2010

Firstly I’d like to wish all of our Trading Tutors Newsletter Readers a very Happy New Year, with an abundance of good times, good memories and good trades for 2010!

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