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Just  Enough to Mug You!

Aaron Lynch 25 Jan, 2013
Many years ago David Bowden commented that, “more often than not, the market will do just enough to mug you”.
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Two Stocks I Like

Tom Scollon 25 Jan, 2013
Even though I remain in cash, I am conscious that there are other investors who are in the market and would like to add to their positions.
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ANZ Overbalance of Price

Lauren Jones 23 Nov, 2012
In last week’s article on CBA, I suggested you to conduct a similar analysis on ANZ (ANZ:ASX).
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Banking on a Fall

Lauren Jones 16 Nov, 2012
When we first teach students to select trades, we advise them to trade with the trend.
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Euro Gets Set for a Second Section

Mathew Barnes 15 Nov, 2012
In the July, 2012 edition of the Safety in the Market monthly newsletter, I nominated July as a good area to watch for the yearly low on the Euro.
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Taking  Out Insurance

Tim Walker 15 Nov, 2012
It’s hard to imagine QBE as a glamour stock, yet its ongoing woes in 2012 have been a goldmine for Gann traders.
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Fourth Time Lucky?

Mathew Barnes 9 Nov, 2012
In his Commodities Course, W.D. Gann wrote about Double and Triple Tops and Bottoms, calling them strong levels of support and resistance.
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Macquarie Bank Heads Higher

Lauren Jones 2 Nov, 2012
Many Safety in the Market students have been stalking Australian banks recently, due to the nature of the setups on the bigger picture.
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Confirming Elliott

John Jeffery 10 Sep, 2010

Elliott Wave, along with Gann analysis occupies a relatively unique position compared to other forms of analysis. Based upon price action and reaction (upward and downward movements) and the time it takes for those price movements to occur, both Gann’s and Elliott’s theories attempt to pick future turning points in the markets. Of course, there are many other elements of analysis, both technical and fundamental which can support those predictions and it is the application of these supporting arguments that is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful traders.

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