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Tom Scollon 1 Mar, 2010
I read with interest Jordan’s article before I wrote my editorial and coincidentally it was a subject about which I planned to write but from a different perspective.
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A likely scenario?

Tom Scollon 5 Feb, 2010

As I search to fathom out the melee of the last couple of weeks I try and contemplate likely scenarios. I say likely as to talk of just possible scenarios is really just sitting on the fence and I am not good at that. Nor can I say I am good at picking short term moves. I say ‘moves’ as I am inclined to think a short term ‘trend’ is almost a contradiction of terms. I do not aspire to pick the short term moves but only to understand them as a foundation to at least the medium term move ahead.

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You and Your Methodology

Tom Scollon 22 Jan, 2010

In some recent editorial I have referred to methodology and making sure whatever system you use is well founded and has been successfully tested. I would like to elaborate a little more on this.

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Number 5 is Alive!

John Jeffery 24 Dec, 2009
The market’s continuing rally over the last 9 months has presented a vast number of trend continuation trades for ProfitSource users.
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Energy Efficiency

John Jeffery 14 Dec, 2009
In the most recent issue of the Self Directed Investor (a free newsletter for HUBB software users) I demonstrated how the relative performances of the different sectors are likely to change over the next few weeks and months.
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Markets are living things?

Tom Scollon 7 Dec, 2009
Well we know humans are living things and we know animals are and of course plants are too. But are markets really living things?
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Conventional Wisdom

Jordan Craw 30 Nov, 2009
With the benefit of twenty twenty hindsight, it is little wonder the Financials sector has been such a strong performer since the March low, after all it was among the worst performers leading into it.
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Oscillating around

Tom Scollon 30 Nov, 2009
Oscillating around can also mean being thrown around. I would like to add a little more to the subject of the oscillator which I touched on last week.
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Wotif it goes well?

John Jeffery 23 Nov, 2009
After such a successful launch to a limited client segment, it’s a good time to reflect on the first 2 months of the Tradingkey and review the methodology that has yielded close to a 70% success rate.
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Up up and away

Tom Scollon 16 Nov, 2009
I am often asked what set up do I typically look at for a ‘buy’. I am a sworn Elliott devotee and so that is always core to my stock selection.
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