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Resources reaching a low?

Tom Scollon 11 Jul, 2013
Well yes they are. But the more important issue is, is this THE low. Let’s look at the Materials chart and then some stocks
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BHP Going Cheap

Tom Scollon 7 Jun, 2013
Had I offered BHP to you at $30 anytime over the last couple of years you would probably have grabbed as much as you could.
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Soothsayers damming the lil Aussie Battler

Tom Scollon 22 May, 2013
Yes I have been reading a trifle about how some acclaimed currency traders are calling the end of the Aussie dollar. Talking up their own book me thinks.
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Reluctant sellers? Or Greedy?

Tom Scollon 15 May, 2013
Markets the world over are showing amazing resilience. It is not so much that there is strong buying – oops I have missed the train and I must get on board – but rather there is just no selling pressure.
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Miners down but not Out

Tom Scollon 10 May, 2013

Mining stocks have risen over the last few days and so we ask, does this herald the beginning of a new dawn?

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Time to cash in CBA?

Tom Scollon 2 May, 2013
A few weeks ago we looked at CBA which was setting up a classic text book wave four ready to move to wave five.
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Just  Enough to Mug You!

Aaron Lynch 25 Jan, 2013
Many years ago David Bowden commented that, “more often than not, the market will do just enough to mug you”.
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Two Stocks I Like

Tom Scollon 25 Jan, 2013
Even though I remain in cash, I am conscious that there are other investors who are in the market and would like to add to their positions.
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I Just Don't Know

Tom Scollon 23 Nov, 2012
What an admission! I really don’t know where the markets are going in the medium-term.
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