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It's All Relative

Jordan Craw 20 Mar, 2009
Over this period of bear market action I have been continually dismayed by statistics used in the mainstream media. Statements like "...the Dow had its largest one day decline in history" may sound fair enough, but when we are talking about absolute changes in price they are really quite useless.
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West and East in the ring

Tom Scollon 20 Mar, 2009
A few months ago I wrote about how the USA was in decline and China was fast catching up - and so I thought that it was time to relook at these economic power machines. Not that a lot can change in a few months that will influence the outcome in decades to come.
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Survival of the Fittest

John Jeffery 6 Mar, 2009
This article is going to argue two points which can not readily be taken from any chart. The first is that the market is in a bottoming process (particularly in the US) although the view from the chart is somewhat clouded.
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The Sector Spectre

John Jeffery 27 Nov, 2008
One way that major financial institutions go about their stock selection is to employ a process known as top down analysis.
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Easy does it

John Jeffery 7 Nov, 2008
Albert Einstein said that the solution to any problem should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.
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Tom Scollon 31 Oct, 2008
Sean writes: ‘Around the middle of this year you gave us your thoughts on where you thought the SPI was headed.
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SIMS Revisited

John Jeffery 18 Jul, 2008
At the very beginning of the year there were a multitude of shares that looked like they were offering value.
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