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Whither to gold?

Tom Scollon 17 Aug, 2009
The gold buffs have not had a riveting time of late – well at least compared to equities. And gold stocks have not had such a great time either.
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What is Your Bias?

Jordan Craw 10 Aug, 2009
A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels.
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I don't have the answer

Tom Scollon 10 Aug, 2009
Sometimes you just don’t have clarity. And when that happens I always find it is best not to do anything.
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Tom Scollon 3 Aug, 2009
Discipline is the last of my series on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Trading’. But it is by far the most important of all.
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Wagon Trails across the Orient

John Jeffery 27 Jul, 2009
Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure of visiting different parts of mainland China. What becomes immediately apparent to any visitor to the major population centres in the eastern provinces is the large scale industrialisation and urbanisation that is occurring.
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Hammering Wave 4

Jordan Craw 13 Jul, 2009
There has been much written about the origin of candlestick charting and its uses so I won’t bore you with the standard story.
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Avoiding the Next Brisconnections

Jordan Craw 8 May, 2009
There has been quite a bit controversy in the  press regarding Brisconnections in the last few months and for good reason, the  situation really is astounding. What seemed like a safe, income stock to many  retail investors was actually an instrument carrying huge liabilities.
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Breakthrough in oil?

Tom Scollon 8 May, 2009

I can’t consider any stock or future without first looking at a chart – so let’s get straight to it – a simple unadulterated daily line chart:

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To Be or Not To Be

Tom Scollon 24 Apr, 2009
As I scanned the financial print headlines Thursday – I only scan as reading detail clogs my brain – I quickly recalled a heading only a day earlier which just told a very different story. On Wednesday our Reserve Bank Governor was reported – on the same front page - as saying things would be sweet as here in Australia – well not in those words. And then on Thursday the IMF were reported as saying we are heading down the gurgler.
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Come in spinner

Tom Scollon 27 Mar, 2009

What do you make of the recent rally - bear market rally or start of a new sustained bull run?

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