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What suits you?

Tom Scollon 12 Oct, 2009
I am often asked by many what are the best instruments to trade – Shares, CFDs, Options or Futures?
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Home On The Range

Jordan Craw 5 Oct, 2009
Recent comments from the Reserve Bank of Australia suggest an impending boom in house prices.
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Gold shining again?

Tom Scollon 5 Oct, 2009
Yes a little bit of shine has come back to gold after so long in the doldrums. Let’s look at the daily Elliott:
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Jordan Craw 28 Sep, 2009
No doubt many have heard of the connections between Elliott Wave and Gann Theory.
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If you can't be good, be careful

John Jeffery 21 Sep, 2009
In my last article I noted that we could be approaching technical resistance in the S&P 500 and that I am paring back my long positions as individual charts begin to show weakness.
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"Mythtaken" for Truth

Andrew Page 7 Sep, 2009
There are a number of clichés associated with the various months of the year, and what we tend to observe on the market in those periods.
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Contrary to Popular Opinion

Jordan Craw 28 Aug, 2009
Looking back through articles from earlier this year How Sold Are We and A Standard Rally, it is clear I was initially skeptical of the March low and subsequent rally.
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The Second Coming

Tom Scollon 24 Aug, 2009
I was interested in the comments made last week by a senior bureaucrat about the prospect of a second recession wave in the GFC – global finance crisis.
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