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Wotif it goes well?

John Jeffery 23 Nov, 2009
After such a successful launch to a limited client segment, it’s a good time to reflect on the first 2 months of the Tradingkey and review the methodology that has yielded close to a 70% success rate.
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One last fling?

Tom Scollon 23 Nov, 2009
The last few months have been interesting to say the least. Some got it right from day one – they piled into the share market on March 6 whilst others have dabbled along the way.
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Up up and away

Tom Scollon 16 Nov, 2009
I am often asked what set up do I typically look at for a ‘buy’. I am a sworn Elliott devotee and so that is always core to my stock selection.
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Caveat Rally

Jordan Craw 9 Nov, 2009
Accepted truths are an interesting concept, especially in the stock market. In February this year, the fact that banks, the stock market and the economy were all falling apart was an accepted truth.
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Gold Shining Again?

Tom Scollon 9 Nov, 2009
Gold is back in the headlines again with India’s purchase of 200 tons of gold being regarded as newsworthy.
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Don't lose sight of sunny days ahead

Andrew Page 2 Nov, 2009
It’s been a gloomy week for markets across the globe. At time of writing the local bourse has shed more than 5% for the week, the US dollar is in decline and energy prices are on the rise.
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You've won lotto!

Tom Scollon 2 Nov, 2009
Sorry you didn’t win the ultimate multi million lotto just a mere $100,000. So you’re not set up for life but it will tie you over for a while.
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A Look at the Aussie Dollar

Mathew Barnes 19 Oct, 2009
The Australian Dollar is powering onwards and upwards and once again talk is turning to the word “parity”.
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Know when to fold ‘em

John Jeffery 19 Oct, 2009
It’s been a good few weeks in the markets for HUBB clients. During the September Trading key session 2, we focused on picking a couple of Elliott Wave 4 trades using our simple checklist.
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