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Bring Back The Uptick Rule

Jordan Craw 24 Dec, 2009
What was the SEC thinking leading up to July 6th 2007? That is the day when the uptick rule - a rule in place since 1934 to help keep markets orderly - was removed.
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Number 5 is Alive!

John Jeffery 24 Dec, 2009
The market’s continuing rally over the last 9 months has presented a vast number of trend continuation trades for ProfitSource users.
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The Pain of it all

Tom Scollon 21 Dec, 2009
Managing your psyche in investing is essential but this is ever so true when it come to CFDs.
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Trading Profits in Multiple Currencies

Mathew Barnes 14 Dec, 2009
A very important part of our trading is keeping track of our profits and losses. This is fairly straight forward for a share / CFD trader, as their profits will tend to be in the one currency (for example, if you are trading in Australian share CFDs, your profits and losses will be in Australian Dollars).
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Energy Efficiency

John Jeffery 14 Dec, 2009
In the most recent issue of the Self Directed Investor (a free newsletter for HUBB software users) I demonstrated how the relative performances of the different sectors are likely to change over the next few weeks and months.
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Setting up your psyche

Tom Scollon 14 Dec, 2009
It is best not to trade or invest beyond your ability to control your heart and emotions or nerves – call it what you like.
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Exchange Traded Fun

Jordan Craw 7 Dec, 2009
The last few years have seen Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs, become exceptionally popular, especially in the United States.
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Markets are living things?

Tom Scollon 7 Dec, 2009
Well we know humans are living things and we know animals are and of course plants are too. But are markets really living things?
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Conventional Wisdom

Jordan Craw 30 Nov, 2009
With the benefit of twenty twenty hindsight, it is little wonder the Financials sector has been such a strong performer since the March low, after all it was among the worst performers leading into it.
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Mathew Barnes 23 Nov, 2009
I’m not a computer programmer by any stretch of the imagination. I have no plans to become a computer programmer either!
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